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Sir Corey & Sir David, Zed, and Starlight
February 9, 2009, 3:22 pm
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I took my fancy camera (Canon Rebel) to the shelter on Sunday to take more pictures for iStock. I had a model this time! I took wonderful pictures, but unfortunately I can’t upload them here because I’m waiting to hear if they’ve been accepted to the iStock database.

The first dog I photographed was Zed. He’s a sweet lab/pit mix (I’m pretty sure he’s got a little pit in him because of the way his head is shaped). He’s afraid of cameras and phones and any sort of shiny metal thing. Poor Zed. I still got a few good pictures of him. He’s such a sweetie! He loves to play and get attention, as long as the person petting him doesn’t have a camera. I wonder why he’s so afraid of them…

Sweet Zed

Sweet Zed

My next subjects were a pair of dogs – Sir Corey and Sir David. They’re really sweet. Sir Corey is a flat coated retriever mix. Sir David is a yellow lab mix. They get along pretty well, but Sir Corey tries to be dominant and Sir David doesn’t stand for it, so we can’t really let them play. Poor babies..

Sir Corey

Sir Corey

Sir David

Sir David

The next dog I photographed was Starlight. She’s a sweet shepherd mix (maybe mixed with hound?). Her paws are cracked and sore, so we had to carry her outside and lay her in the grass. We petted her and loved her (and I took her picture) and then we carried her back inside. We wrote her up for her paws and the vet techs looked at her. They’re going to fix her up.



Titus got adopted on Saturday! I was so excited. I gave his adopters my email address, so hopefully they’ll update me and let me know how he’s doing. They seemed really nice. And Titus is such a sweetie!

McLovin got adopted on Sunday. The people also seemed nice (I handed out my email and asked them for updates, too).

Kitty (shepherd mix), Bently (hound), Betty (border collie mix), and Colby (lab mix) also went home. Kitty, Betty, and Colby had been at the shelter for quite a while, so their adoptions were exciting. Bently is a loud (loud!) hound, and he’s really strong, so we didn’t think he’d find a home as quickly as he did (after a stay of about 2 months).

Overall it was a really good weekend.


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They are sweet dogs. Hopefully they’ll find a good home soon.

Comment by Angela

Great photos! Can’t wait to hear what iStock says about the others. Keep on taking pictures!

Comment by BigDaddy

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