For the Love of Shelter Dogs*

Walker, Peabody, and Lorenzo
March 4, 2009, 1:54 pm
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I only made it to the shelter for two hours yesterday after not having gone in a week. It rained and iced all weekend and finally turned into snow on Sunday. The shelter was closed Monday (so was school) and it reopened Tuesday. I went with a friend.

The dogs loved the snow! Every dog we had out romped around like it was just the best thing ever. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera so I couldn’t take any pictures. Just know, it was so cute.

We took out Walker first. He’s a hound mix (looks like a pointer, but he’s got hound in him too). Apparently, according to his card, he was found by some people and they brought him in because they couldn’t keep him. He has “CHC 00” on his side. We can’t tell if it’s been tattooed there, hair-dyed there, or just drawn there, and we don’t know what it means. He’s a sweet dog; loves to jump on your lap and get attention, likes to half-roll-over, and really likes to just be near people. He’s afraid to walk through the adoption rooms, though. I think the barking dogs freak him out. We’re doing searches on Google and Yahoo to see if we can figure out what CHC is. All I’ve found is the “Marshall Telemetry Foxhunt held at the CHC meet in Bakersfield” (the link on the page is broken, but here’s the link to the page where the link can be found). I’m not even sure what that is.

We took out Peabody next. He’s an Australian Shepherd/Smooth Collie mix. He’s so sweet, but he’s kind of nuts! He loves to play and he just loves to chase and herd things. It’s in his genes. We were playing with him (and managed to teach him to sit instead of jump when he wants attention) and we noticed his foot was bleeding. It wasn’t anything major, just a little blood, but we got a vet tech to look at it and make sure. She said he was fine. The bleeding stopped and we put him back in his cage.

We worked with Lorenzo next. Remember how he’d been improving recently? Well, that’s when I worked with him alone! He wasn’t used to having another person in the cage with us, and he got all worked up and reverted back to his jumping and nipping behavior. We leashed him and worked with him a while (tugging the leash when he’d do something wrong, relaxing tension when he’d relax, and so on) and in only a few minutes he was laying by my  side, relaxing. It was great. Of course, he got worked up while we walked back inside, but with all those barking dogs, who can blame him?

Oliver was neutered last Friday! I’m so happy. I really hope this helps ease his frustration. Hopefully now someone will want him.

I’m not sure if I’ll get to the shelter before next week. I hope I will, but between school and work, who knows? I’ll write an update if I do!

Edit: Ravi (formerly Prince) has been adopted!


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They all sound like sweet dogs that crave attention. They must be so happy when you play with them.

Comment by Angela

Lauren, I can’t wait to meet you. You certainly make a difference in those fragile lives you come into contact with.

Thank you for all that you do.
Roberta Wall

Comment by Roberta Wall

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