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A Rainy Saturday & A Nice Sunday
March 30, 2009, 12:42 pm
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It rained all day Saturday, so I only made it to the shelter for two hours. It was a pretty good two hours though; I helped some people take out dogs and I helped them adopt a couple dogs.

I was helping one couple out in the back exercise pens when a little terrier came running up outside the shelter fence. He was very cute, and very friendly. He had on a dirty yellow collar and a tie-out cable that looked like it had snapped. He hung around long enough for me to feed my extra leash through the chain-link fence and lasso him. I asked the woman to go get a guy with a Staff shirt on, so she did. The employee came out and gave me the weirdest look, like “How in the world…?” but he went out through the locked back gate and retrieved the terrier. The dog seemed very happy to see a person coming up to him. The employee brought the dog back down to intake, where I hope he’ll be processed and either returned to his owner or put up in adoptions. Someone will definitely want him. He looks like a Chihuahua mixed with some sort of wire-haired terrier. Very cute, and very sweet.

I went on Sunday with Caroline and her mom. We only stayed for 2 1/2 hours, but it was fun. We pulled up just in time to see Oliver, one of my long-time-favorite dogs, getting adopted. He was in one of the front pens with his adopters, and he was doing great. He wasn’t getting worked up and he was playing and sitting and following their commands. It was beautiful. He was one of my project dogs because of his tendencies to nip when he got excited, but he learned pretty fast that humans don’t like to be nipped, whether it’s excited-nipping or not. He’d been at the shelter since August because he was so big and strong and playful. People interpreted his playfulness and craziness, so no one wanted to take him out. I actually renamed him when he came in. They’d given him the name Costello, but it was such a mouthful that I wanted to give him a new name. I chose Oliver because one of the first times I had him out he picked up a water bowl and carried it over to me and reminded me of Oliver Twist, begging for more. He was such a sweetie. I’m so thrilled he finally found a home.

I helped a woman introduce her two little Chihuahua/Pomeranian mixes to a Boxer/Pit mix. Sandy, the Boxer mix, is aggressive toward bigger dogs, but she seemed to love the little ones. The little male wasn’t too sure about her though. The woman and her husband ended up adopting Sandy anyway, and I hope everything works out and the little ChiPom doesn’t try to boss her around too much!

Caroline and I didnt’ get much time to take out the dogs we wanted to. There were so many people at the shelter because it was finally warm and nice and sunny, so we spent quite a bit of time helping people. That was good, though, because we helped many dogs get adopted. It was a pretty good weekend.

And Congratulations to Ollie for finally finding a home! If his new owner emails me an update, I’ll post it here!

Oliver Posing

Oliver Posing


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That terrier sounds cute. Good to hear Ollie is adopted and found a home. He’ll be happy now that he isn’t lonely anymore.

Comment by Angela

It’s great that Ollie found a home! Way to go – I know he was a mess befor you worked with him.

Comment by Pops

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