For the Love of Shelter Dogs*

Two Hours of Doggie-Fun!
April 7, 2009, 1:38 pm
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I spent two hours at the shelter yesterday. I wasn’t planning on going at all because I woke up to pouring rain and a bit of thunder, but it all cleared up before 11:00. It was sunny and warm and lovely weather by the time class let out.

I brought my Canon Rebel again, but the clouds kept rolling in so I only got to photograph one set of dogs, Tess and Tonka. They’re cagemates, and they love to run and play so they made for some pretty cool pictures.

Tonka! He hates the camera..

Tonka! He hates the camera..

Playing Chase. Tess is gaining on him!

Playing Chase. Tess is gaining on him!

Now Tonka is gaining on Tess!

Now Tonka is gaining on Tess!

Sweet Tess!

Sweet Tess!

Tess and Tonka are so adorable and friendly and sweet, but they’ve both been at the shelter for a while, awaiting adoption.

I’m constantly amazed at which dogs end up staying at the shelter for a long time. Tess is unusual looking with the tan body and black face and that sweet black ridge of fur running up her nose. She loves to play and she loves her cagemate, and she also loves attention. But why does no one seem to want to adopt her? Tonka is adorable with his droopy hound ears and the colorful markings on his face. He’s calmer than Tess, but he’s still able to hold his own when they play. Yet he’s still at the shelter.

And then there’s Max, who’s been at the shelter since November (or thereabouts). He’s still a puppy – between 8 and 10 months old. He absolutely loves to play and he loves other dogs, but because he’s so jumpy with puppy energy no one takes him out. He’s learned some bad manners at the shelter, but he learns quickly. He also loves to be a lap dog. He spent a 3 hour adoption fair in my lap. (He got heavy after a while, thus the funny face).

Me and Max!

Me and Max!

Then there’s Celia. She’s a huge lab mix. She looks like she’s mixed with a little Dobie, and maybe a little German Shepherd because of the way she stands. She’s playful and beautiful and relatively young (a little over a year old), but still she stays at the shelter. A lot of people don’t want big dogs or black dogs, but every once in a while we get a person who comes in specifically looking for a big dog or a black dog. But not even they seem to want Celia.



I caught a stray Chihuahua/Terrier mix outside the shelter last week, and I saw him up in adoptions yesterday with an “Adopted!” Tag on his cage. I’m very happy for him. He was very sweet.

I helped a woman with a stray a couple Sundays ago. She found the big yellow lab mix running down the road in the rain, so she took him home and kept him for a day, but realized she couldn’t handle him. So she brought him to us, where he lept out of the car and took off running. Another volunteer and I were able to corner him and leash him. Looking back, that could’ve been a really stupid thing to do; we didn’t know the dog and he could’ve been sick or aggressive or something. But he wasn’t. I think my subconscious “evaluated” him while we were trying to catch him and deduced that he was friendly, albeit a little shy. I know it sounds strange, but assessing dogs has become second nature to me, so I do it without realizing it. Anyway, the woman said his name was Mator (like Tomator) and it was on the inside of a dingy leather collar. The shelter renamed him (Lucas, I think) and put him up in adoptions last weekend. He’s “head shy” but other than that he’s pretty friendly and healthy.

I’m hoping to get to the shelter again today and I’m hoping to bring my camera again, so tomorrow I should have more updates and pictures for you!


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You took great pictures. 🙂

Comment by Angela

I like the post, and the pictures!

Comment by I B ME

Great pix and your post was informative.

Comment by soltis

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