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Construction, Puppy Countdown, and Adoptions
May 11, 2009, 1:46 am
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The shelter is under construction! Well, not the whole shelter, just a little bit. They’ve been wanting to add a separate building where adopters can go to fill out the adoption paperwork. The lobby gets so crowded on the weekends that there is hardly ever room to move around, let alone walk dogs without risking fights, so the new building will be wonderful to have. The only problem? In order to build this building they had to tear down two of the front gravel exercise pens. Now we only have one exercise pen out in front of the shelter, and with all these dogs to walk it’s going to be difficult to juggle which dog gets to run when. But we’ve been told that they’re going to find a different place for the pens they tore down, and that we will eventually have more pens. So, we’ll have an empty lobby, a new paperwork area, and different pens. It won’t be that bad, and I’m sure all of us volunteers will be able to share that one pen nicely until they can put up the new ones.

Puppy Countdown: 14 days! Exactly two weeks until we can pick up our foster pups. I’m excited. Puppies!

The shelter is having a half-price weekend, where all pets over 1 year old are half off! We had quite a few adoptions yesterday and today, including Tonka and Tom-Tom. Tonka has been featured on my blog before (remember him?) and Tom-Tom has been one of my favorite dogs at the shelter for a couple months.



Tom-Tom, not too sure about the camera

Tom-Tom, not too sure about the camera

Hooray for new homes!


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