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Foster Babies!
May 26, 2009, 3:46 am
Filed under: Foster Pups

We picked up our foster pups last Friday. We got three one-month-old shepherd mixes (two girls and a boy). They were born at the shelter and had just been taken from their mom the day we picked them up (or a day before, I’m not completely sure; but I know it was recently).

We divvied up the babies (I got the boy, Caroline got the short-fur girl, and Mariamme got the medium-fur girl). We had so much trouble thinking of names for them! I was leaning toward either Jenkins (after PBR rider L.J. Jenkins) or Edgar (after Edgar Hansen on Deadliest Catch). Neither of them seemed to fit him well enough. Eventually I decided on Gunnar, but I found out the next day that “we” decided to go for a Hawaiian-name theme. I eventually settled on Keanu for my baby. Caroline settled on Malia for her girl, and Mariamme chose Ulani for her girl.

I think the shelter gave us the most dominant puppies of the litter. They’re always going at each other and bullying each other, and occasionally they’ll bully us. We don’t stand for that, though, and they’re slowly learning that growling at humans, justified or not, is never a good thing. We try to discipline them like their mother would, picking them up by the scruff (and keeping a hand under their rear for support), or holding them on their backs (in our arms) until they stop squirming. They’re getting the idea, and they’re not picking as many fights with each other.


Keanu waking up from his nap. Such a sweetie! He's also the smallest of the litter.


Ulani trying to sleep. She's the sweetest pup. She likes to curl up in your arms and sleep, and she loves to cuddle!


Malia curled up in Caroline's arms. So cute!

That’s all for tonight, but as more and more adorable things happen, I’ll be sure to post the stories, pictures, and possibly the videos!


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