For the Love of Shelter Dogs*

Kitten Update
June 30, 2009, 3:55 am
Filed under: Foster Kittens

Our foster kittens are all doing very well. They went back to the shelter today for a check up and they all have upper respiratory infections and conjunctivitis. They’re on meds now and will hopefully be all better in a few days.

Keesa is a lot bigger now. She started out as the odd kitten out because she was from a different litter. It’s very obvious now that she’s a week older, at least, than the other kittens. She’s very big and very much a bully. But she’s adorable and loves to be held and cuddled.

Kaydence is a mess! She’s a crazy little kitty and has learned how to climb up legs. I’ll be standing at the counter fixing their food, and all of a sudden I feel kitten-claws gripping my leg and moving upwards. It’s a little freaky, but she’s too cute to be mad at!

Kesler is growing stronger. We weren’t too sure about his neurological health for the first week and a half, and we’re still not entirely convinced he’s a normal little kitten, but he’s getting a lot better. He’s learned to use the litter box, though he still doesn’t like to (he’ll go as far from it as possible to do his business). We’re trying to think of a way to encourage litter-box-usage, but so far we haven’t come up with any brilliant plans. He’s eating well and playing with the other kitties, so we think he’s just a slow learner.

Callahan is my little baby. I love him! I didn’t think I’d like a kitten this much, but I really do. If I could adopt a kitten, I’d adopt Callahan. He’s such a lovey little guy. I’ll lay down on my stomach with my arms under my face and tuck him between my arm and my face and he’ll curl up and fall asleep. He loves to be cuddled with, but he also loves to play. He’s a great little kitty.

Magnus is now named Cooper (as in Mini Cooper, though he’s not really the runt anymore). He is identical to Callahan, except Cooper has bright green eyes and Callahan has bright blue eyes. Cooper is a wild little guy, but he’s fun. He doesn’t cuddle as much as his twin, but he really likes to sit on us. He’s precious.

More pictures will follow, but I haven’t taken them off my camera yet.


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